Safety First

“Even if you are vaccinated, if you’re living in an area with high rates of Covid-19 spread — and with the Delta variant surging — there is a chance that you could become infected,” said emergency physician Dr. Leana Wen, visiting professor at George Washington University’s Milken Institute School of Public Health. 

The Delta Variant is a variant of COVID-19 that is by far the most contagious variant. According to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, this variant is around 40% to 60% more contagious than the Alpha Variant, which is already highly contagious. Studies now show that the Delta variant is now responsible for more that 50% of COVID’s cases in the US. CNN quotes, “‘In some parts of the country, this percentage is even higher, especially in areas with low vaccination rates,’ the CDC said. ‘This rapid rise is concerning and threatens the progress the United States has made toward ending the pandemic.’” This means that as Delta variants are now more frequent, there is a risk of a breakthrough infection, even among the fully vaccinated citizens. 

The one good reason to get vaccinated is because it’s the safest route, not only for you, but for the society around you. Vaccines are very effective especially when it comes to preventing highly contagious and harmful viruses. Many doctors are considering giving a booster dose of vaccine to some patients, but CDC and the US Food and Drug Administration state that individuals who are fully vaccinated are not in need of a booster shot. 

However, CDC and the FDA point out that “[They] continue to review any new data as it becomes available and will keep the public informed. [They] are prepared for booster doses if and when the science demonstrates that they are needed.” Many people support that idea that vaccines will help slow the spread of the virus, keep society safe, and help us find our way out of the pandemic. Vaccines do not only keep oneself safe from the pandemic, but also keeps the whole society safe by preventing a highly contagious Delta variant from spreading further.

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