Restless leg syndrome

Everyone knows the feeling of nervousness, which causes many to become very tense and sometimes leads to restless legs. Some may think that this leg restlessness is usually only a result of fretting, however it is actually a type of syndrome called restless leg syndrome. Sometimes it is called the Willis-Ekbom disease. Many considers this symptom/disease to be a sleep disorder because it continues to get worse as you rest. Restless leg syndrome is when someone gets uncomfortable and unpleasant sensations along their leg. This is a problem because it may cause sleepless nights and much more problems. It is important to look at the symptoms and the causes of this syndrome in order to find solutions.

The symptoms of this syndrome vary on severity and frequency, it all depends on the individual. For instance, some people may experience minor symptoms for up to a year, while others may experience more severe symptoms for a couple days. Symptoms include throbbing, pulling, itching, crawling, or creeping. Due to all of these symptoms, the individual is unable to rest and paces frequently. People feel the urge to move around and cannot stay still. Of course this creates many issues in the leg area and many people have trouble falling asleep due to this.. This all mostly happens in the leg, but it can also occur in one’s arms, chest, or head. Like I mentioned earlier, symptoms get worse at night, but are better in the day.

So how does one get restless leg syndrome? Restless leg syndrome is a genetic component that is passed down within generations. It usually appears when one reaches age 40. Pregnancy and hormone changes also seems to be affect the severity of restless leg syndrome. Other than that, there is no other reasonable explanation how people obtain this syndrome. Some scientists believe that it may have to do with the imbalance of chemical dopamine in the head, but nothing is confirmed yer

Usually patients with restless leg syndrome are not the biggest priority for medical professionals, however this syndrome can affect one’s sleep, so it is important to seek a medical professional as soon as possible. Theres is also no specific way to diagnose restless leg syndrome through tests, so an individual must diagnosis this syndrome themselves. Medication may help relieve irritation, but there is no cure that 100% removes this syndrome.

Restless leg syndrome currently does not have a definite cure, so it will continue to affect many people’s lives. Sleep is probably one of the most important functions for a human, and if someone does not have enough sleep, it is a hazard to their lifestyle. Thus it is important to know the symptoms of this syndrome so that people can diagnose themselves and seek treatment. Without sleep, we would just be mindless human beings.


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