Florida Condo Collapse Distress

The tragedy of the condo in Florida collapsing is without a doubt something most if not all civilians living in the US know about. This event was certainly unexpected for most, but obviously this kind of event isn’t something most predict will happen. But right when it seemed the burdens of 2020 and 2021 would be over with the Covid-19 vaccines being rolled out, another major event struck the US.

A couple of days ago, the condo in Florida collapsed leaving hundreds lost and dozens dead. WIth the sheer number of people dead and still having unknown whereabouts, it has families and friends worried. But they were able to retain hope because of officials stating that the search for stranded people would continue. However, not too long ago, officials stated that the search for survivors would be stopped. Instead of searching for survivors, the operation switched to a recovery mission stated by CNN.

“The Surfside, Florida, condo collapse search and rescue efforts have transitioned to a recovery operation, Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava said Wednesday.”To share this news with the families this evening who are still missing their loved ones was devastating and it’s also difficult to share with all of you,” she said in an evening news briefing.The transition will take place at midnight, she added.”Our team has developed a very detailed plan to guide the transition and to ensure that the operations proceed at the same speed and intensity,” Levine Cava said. The mayor said the death toll now stands at 54, with 86 people “potentially unaccounted for. The decision to transition to a recovery operation was based on the facts that emerged throughout the search and rescue mission in the past two weeks, Miami-Dade County Fire Chief Alan Cominsky said.”To determine the viability of life in the rubble, we considered engineering, medical and other factors,” Cominsky said.Those factors included “the building collapse itself, the pancake, which gives you the lowest probability of survivability,” Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Assistant Fire Chief of Operations Raide Jadallah said. “Typically an individual has a specific amount of time, in regards to lack of food, water and air. This collapse, you know, just doesn’t provide any of that sort.”

So why did the condo just randomly collapse? Professionals told the New York Times, “Called “progressive collapse,” the gradual spread of failures could have occurred for a variety of reasons, including design flaws or the less robust construction allowed under the building codes of four decades ago, when the complex was built. But that progression could not have occurred without some critical first failure, and close inspections of a grainy surveillance video that emerged in the initial hours after the disaster have given the first hints of where that might have been.”

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