Pain Tolerance

Pain tolerance is the maximum amount of pain someone is able to tolerate. Knowing your body’s pain tolerance is important because the information will help you maintain your body health. Going above one’s pain threshold may create more severe pain for some people so it is indeed vital to know what causes your body pain. There are many facets to look into when discussing pain tolerance, these include how to test your pain tolerance, and reasons why some people have higher pain tolerance than others.

Everyone’s pain tolerance differs because it depends on many different factors. For example, one’s age and gender play big roles in determining one’s pain intolerance, but there are some special factors that contribute as well. One interesting insight about pain tolerance is the fact that the side of the body may matter when it comes to pain tolerance. What I mean by this is that right handed individuals will have higher pain tolerance on their right side than their left. This is the same for left handed individuals as well. Another weird factor that may affect pain tolerance is the color of our hair. Apparently red heads are more sensitive to pain because of a mutation in their gene that causes their head to seem head.

An individuals pain tolerance is mostly hereditary, however there are ways to increase and decrease pain tolerance. For instance, stress can be a key factor that decreases one’s pain tolerance. Increasing pain tolerance on the other hand, includes rituals such as yoga and exercise. Yoga having to do with more of a mental aspect, while exercise helps with the physical aspect.

To know how much pain your body can take, you need to know how to test for your body’s pain tolerance. This is done through many ways: dolorimetry, color presser method, and pain intensity scales. Dolorimetry applies pressure and heat onto specific parts of the body. Dolorimetry relies heavily on the individual however because they need to report the pain they feel in order for it to be recorded. The cold pressor method is when an individual puts their hand in ice cold water. The pain they feel after a certain amount of time correlates to their pain tolerance. Pain intensity scales are basically questionares that determine one’s pain tolerance.

In conclusion, knowing one’s body’s pain tolerance is important because it varies between everyone. The information of how much pain one can withstand can be useful in many situations and day to day life. It may prevent injuries and unwanted pain which is why it is so important.


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