The Global Pandemic isn’t over yet. Huge risk with people with weak immune systems

The Global pandemic took the world by storm just around 1 year ago, but with the introduction of the 3 main vaccines, many people have resorted to going outside more often. However, even with the vaccines, People with weakened immune systems are still in danger. “Dr. Robert Montgomery is a transplant surgeon at a busy New York hospital, his patients were among the most vulnerable to the disease.” The Pandemic has has taken a big toll on transplant recipients. About 20 percent of those died. Most of the time, Covid-19 vaccines are proven very effective with most of the human population. However, roughly 10 million Americans whose immune systems are compromised because of a disease or medication that are taking are not very protected even with the vaccines.

“This isn’t over for us.” said Michele Nadeem-Baker, who has chronic lymphocytic leukemia that’s out of remission. She received two doses of the Moderna virus in March and April, but still thinks she would be in big danger if in contact with someone with the virus. She still continues to wear a mask, to stay socially distanced with people, and avoids big groups of people in the public. “It isn’t easy to continue to live like this. “She says. Montgomery’s approach to this problem with people insecure about their safety with weak immune systems is to sign himself up to a clinical trial testing a third vaccine dose.

For him, It worked! After the third and final shot, part of the trial showed that his body was making protective antibodies and longer-shielding T cells. He hopes to soon launch a international trial, one that can be accessed by anyone. He wants to ensure safety and participants’ response. Dr. Dorry Segev at John Hopkins Medical Center is studying the effectiveness of a third dose in patients with a transplant. He’s hoping that there is, “Something we will ultimately be able to do for transplant patients. “The problem is, it’s impossible at this point to know how safe someone is. For the general population, which is more than 90% protected by the vaccines, there’s no need to worry, experts said.” “In everyone, antibodies are likely to decline over time, and it’s not clear what level is protective.”


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