Physical Traumas

Physical trauma by definition is a serious injury to the body. There are two main types of physical trauma, one being blunt force trauma, while the other is penetrating trauma. Both types of physical trauma are dangerous because according, physical traumas cause 150,000 deaths every year, and over three million non-fatal injuries in the United States alone. This statistic shows that physical traumas are no joke and need to be taken seriously. It is obvious that if someone with physical trauma is taken to a hospital quicker, then they will recover quicker and have a much higher chance of survival. Thus is important to know all about physical traumas.

First looking at both types of trauma: blunt force and penetrating. Blunt force trauma is when an object or force strikes the body and this causes physical trauma. Penetrating trauma is when an object or force penetrates through the skin. It is important to know the difference between the traumas because both require different types of treatment. However, both traumas are equally deadly and must be treated quickly.

There are many causes of physical traumas, some examples include car accidents, collisions, and falls. The severity of the cause most likely determines the severity of the damage done to the body. This is because physical traumas can result in concussions, bone fractures, or even blood clots. So there are very serious cases and cases that are not so serious.

So how do we diagnose physical traumas? Well the severity of the trauma is determined by the EMTs using what is called the ABCDEs. They stand for airway, breathing, circulation, disability, and exposure. This way the medical professionals can determine if the patient needs serious treatment right away. So the best thing to do if you think you have serious physical injury is to seek a medical professional so they can diagnose the injury as fast as possible.

Treatment for physical traumas vary like I mentioned earlier. A patient may require a refilling of fluids because of blood loss or dehydration. Preventing infections from spreading throughout the body is also another important aspect of treating physical traumas. The more severe cases may require surgery.

Physical trauma is no joke because people can be injured for life, or even killed because of physical trauma. It is important to know that seeing a medical professional is the only way physical trauma can be diagnosed and treated. Unfortunately all physical trauma is not always curable so people should always be careful anywhere whether it is on the road or at home. Hopefully people in the future take road safety and safety in general more seriously to prevent physical trauma.


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