Many L.A cops are not vaccinated

The global pandemic that started over a year ago has affected many people’s lives. However, recently, a vaccine for the virus has been found. Police officers, Fire fighters and other first responders got first access. However, 72 percent of adult Californians and 64 percent of Los Angeles residents 16 and older have received at least one vaccine dose, but only about 51 percent of city firefighters and 52 percent of LAPD officers are at least partially vaccinated. The fact that half of the first responders who got first access to the vaccines early haven’t received it became a growing source of tension. Is having firefighters, police officers, and other first responders who aren’t vaccinated a threat to the public society?

“Law enforcement analysts, activists and ethicists knowledge that, for the most part, public safety workers should be entitled to make independent decisions about their health.” However, many people disagree with this statement. They believe that this is a big public concern because of the jobs they work. Some of the jobs require them to work in enclosed spaces, such as courthouses or jails. They also may interact with some of the state’s vulnerable residents. “It’s not only about their health, its about the others who come in contact with them daily. ” This is becoming a big discussion among the chiefs and health leaders. The main problem is that the unvaccinated officers coming in contact with vulnerable residents. Research has shown very lows rates of vaccination of homeless and mentally ill people among young Black and Latino residents of L.A county. It is also a problem for prisoners. Substantial portions of whom remain unvaccinated, how no choice to interact with correction workers in small areas. This is where COVID-19, an airborne virus can spread quickly. Even 50,000 state prisoners caught the virus, and 224 have died. Many public health workers could be harming many people in the area.

Due to this, it is unclear how the government will address this serious problem. With the vaccination rates, Even Social distancing, and mask mandates fall away. Will they will make vaccination among public health workers required? Or, will this continue to be a problem for an extended period of time?

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