A Chance To Say Goodbye To A Deceased Loved One

People that have lost loved ones reveal how they have experienced signals that could strongly suggest the spirit of their loved ones saying their final goodbyes. CNN had the chance to interview a few people that have experienced this in their new article, “They lost their loved ones to Covid. Then they heard from them again”.

Ian and Michelle Horne

When Ian and Michelle Horne got married, Ian wore a purple tie on their wedding since it was her favorite color. However, their happily married lives were cut short when Michelle died from complications from the Coronavirus pandemic. Not long after her death, Ian experienced something surreal; something too specific to be coincidental. Still dark since it was so early in the morning, Ian drove to work on the same route Michelle took on her final drive to the hospital. While he was driving, however, around two dozen streetlights turned purple -Michelle’s favorite color- gleaming in the dark highway.

“I remember simply smiling and feeling overwhelmed with the idea that Michelle was close.”

From CNN’s article, “They lost their loved ones to Covid. Then they heard from them again”.

This is not the only time a person has felt as if they were able to contact someone they lost. These encounters can be subtle, such as relatives appearing in hyper-real dreams, a sudden scent of a dead loved one’s perfume or odd behavior from living animals and pets. Other encounters are more dramatic: a tap on the shoulder in the middle of the night, a startling warning from a loved one or witnessing the full-bodied form of a recently deceased relative emerge at the foot of your bed. While these may sound silly and imaginative, this has been a pattern throughout history. And whenever a major catastrophe occurs, such as a pandemic, a war, or a natural disaster, there is a rise in stories of individuals seeing or attempting to contact the dead.

Supernatural Experiences in History

CNN discusses how the 1918 influenza outbreak spawned a “spiritualism craze,” with Americans using seances and Ouija boards to contact their loved ones who had passed away. Following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, a slew of individuals began claiming sightings and even talks with those who had been kidnapped.

“These experiences are so common in the psychological field that there is a name for them: ADCs, or “after death communications.””

From CNN’s article, “They lost their loved ones to Covid. Then they heard from them again”.

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