Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s is a disease that mostly effects the elderly. It is a type of dementia that effects one’s brain, thus hurting the functions of the brain. It is seem as one of the most severe cases of dementia because it is irreversible and it only continues to get worse, later affecting the daily lives of the elderly. In fact, according to, Alzheimers makes up 60-80% of all dementia cases, and the first symptoms usually appear at age 60. However if the symptoms of Alzheimers appear before 60, then it is called younger-offset. It is important to note the severity of Alzheimers and what its symptoms are in order to understand what many elderly go through

First taking a look at the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and it affects. Alzheimer’s affects judgement, memory, and behavior. It is important to know all these symptoms in order to be able to go see a medical professional. Although Alzheimer’s may never be fully cured, it can be slowed down through therapy and other activities. The biggest way the body is affected by Alzheimers is memory, as one’s memory continues to get worse after contracting Alzheimer’s. People begin to lose track of names, places, and much more with Alzheimer’s. Even daily rituals they performed may be forgotten, and many things need to be repeated for these people with Alzheimer’s. Another symptom is behavior changes. People with Alzheimer’s may experience mood swings and even depression. They also tend to wander around and get lost often.

The symptoms to Alzheimer’s seems alarming and it should. As I mentioned earlier, Alzheimer’s can never get better and will only continue to get worse and worse. This is because like other cases of dementia, Alzheimers affects the brain. Alzheimers prevents neurons from functioning inside the brain and this of course creates problems as the brain cannot communicate with other the cells in the body. Alzheimers kills off many healthy brain cells, and the rest follow because the cells cannot connect with one another. Alzheimer’s is so deadly because it kills off brain cells, and thus impossible to cure.

All in all, Alzheimers will continue to be one of the main killers of the elderly for time to come. Since there is no cure, it is even deadlier because it can only be slowed down. Thus it is important for people to know the symptoms of Alzheimer so that they can receive quick treatment to slow down their Alzheimers as much as possible. The only thing we can do right now is hope that in the future, there will be a cure for Alzheimer’s.


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