US China Tension

The US and China seem to be at the brink of a new Cold War. There have been tensions for a long time between the two countries and it is mostly related to Trump’s actions at international meetings. Under Trump as the president of the US, events such as the US-China Trade war increased tension between the two countries. Biden has promised to ease tensions between the two nations but it seems not much progress is being made.

According to AP News, “From Iran to Russia, Europe to Latin America, Biden has sought to cool tensions that rose during President Donald Trump’s four years in office. Yet, there have been no overtures to China. Although the Biden administration has halted the ferocious rhetorical attacks and near daily announcements of new sanctions on China that had become commonplace under Trump, it has yet to back down on any of Trump’s actions against Beijing.’

The Biden Administration has additionally failed to retreat any claims or harms that Trump imposed on China such as his claims about China during the pandemic. “Biden’s tough stance has its roots in the competition for global power, but it’s also a result of the 2020 presidential election campaign in which Trump and his allies repeatedly sought to portray him as soft on China, particularly during the pandemic that originated there. There’s also little appetite from lawmakers in either party to ease pressure on China.”

China has stated that NATO is holding a very hostile mentality towards them and that it is seeming as though China and Russia are being singled out for criticism. According to, “China says NATO is adopting a “Cold War mentality” after the military alliance singled out China and Russia for criticism during a summit in Brussels. In its final communiqué, NATO leaders said, ‘China’s stated ambitions and assertive behavior present systemic challenges to the rules-based international order.’”

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