The New Ultrasonic Toothbrush That is Safer and Healthier For Teeth

Do you have sensitive gums? Do you absolutely hate dental floss? Are you just lazy in the morning and want to sleep 5 more minutes? Are you afraid of dentists? Then you will really want to consider this new device.

Brushing really hasn’t changed since the invention of the electric toothbrush, but people still have cavities, yellow teeth, and spend a lot of money going to the dentist. Has science really found an easier and more effective way to take care of your teeth? Turns out it does, with a new appliance that cleans all of your teeth at once, saving you time, money and effort, while making cleaning your teeth easier.

They call it the uSmile Pro, the latest invention to come from a startup based in the tiny European nation of Liechtenstein, the world’s top producer of high-quality dental equipment.

It’s really a simple idea, how do we clean our teeth quickly and painlessly, so that even the laziest person can do it?

The solution is uSmile Pro, a vibrating mouthpiece that vibrates 5000 times per minute, allowing for a deep and effective cleaning without hurting your gums and with a special blue light for a complete whitening of the teeth and removes stubborn coffee or coffee stains. cigarette. And the best thing? It takes less than a minute to clean ALL of your teeth.

Honestly, when we heard about how this device worked, we were worried that all of these vibrations would be annoying at best or shaking all our teeth, so we pulled a straw which means we chose a guinea pig team member.

To our surprise, the test subject not only didn’t feel uncomfortable but actually enjoyed it, leaving it on for one minute instead of the necessary 30 seconds.

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