Speech Disorders

A speech disorder is when a person has problems speaking or forming sounds that are needed to communicate with others. This is a huge problem due to the fact that communication is key to spreading new ideas and also has positive benefits to society. However when it comes to speech disorders, it becomes increasingly more difficult for communication. There are many causes of speech disorders, and speech disorders should be examined closely because of the huge effects it can have on one’s life. Its symptoms

First looking at the many causes of speech disorders. Speech disorders may be caused from pre-existing disorders such as autism or cancer that can correlate to speech disorders. This is because these disorders may create damage in the left portion of the brain where speech comes from. Another major initiator of speech disorders are strokes, where the aftermath of the stroke may damage the left side of the brain. Aphasia affects one’s ability to read, write, and speak, and it occurs frequently after strokes. This is why strokes are a big reason behind speech disorders – because of Aphasia.

There are many different types of speech disorders that create different symptoms. The most common instance is stuttering, which occurs if someone has a speech disorder that disrupts the flow of speech. Stress, excitement, and frustration can incite stuttering in everyone, but stuttering is more severe for others with speech disorders. There are two types of stuttering, one being Developmental stuttering which occurs to going developing children; the other type, neurogenic stuttering occurs when the brain prevents proper coordination in the left side of the brain. Another type is Apraxia, which affects impairs one’s ability to form sounds of speech.

Unfortunately there is no fast method for treating speech disorders. These disorders may be diagnosed which exams or speech tests and the severity of the disorder can also be determined. Usually mild disorders do not require treatment, but the severe ones require speech therapy. The timeframe on speech therapy varies but some speech disorders will never permanently disappear, they will only be weakened by the speech therapy.

All in all the clear problem with speech disorders is seen because of the lack of communication that follows. As I’ve said before, communication is key to society because human interaction is what helps civilization push forward towards a better future. Speech disorders come in different types and it creates different issues for those who are diagnosed with them. Expressing one’s thoughts and feelings are what makes us humans, but speech disorders attempt to prevent that expression of emotion. Thus learning more about speech disorders and how they affect humans is important for future generations, as we as a society look for more ways to combat these terrible disorders.


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