How the Pandemic effects Students and Teachers

With the Covid-19 taking the world by storm, many people have quarantined themselves to prevent them from catching this virus. The Covid-19 virus was proven deadly with a total of 63,584 deaths with 3.8 million cases making it a 1.5 percent death rate. School’s had to take place at home, and even people in the business industry also had to stay home due to safety precautions. Over the past one and a half year, how did it change students and the global economy?

With school having to take place at home, online meetings were held, and homework had to be done virtually. Virtual meetings could be as effective as in person classes with good usage, but with the virus, online classes weren’t as effective. It involved students to join at a set time to just listen to their teacher through Google Meet or Zoom. “As of May 31, total student progress in online math homework coursework decreased by 64.2% compared with January. In low-income ZIP codes, math progress fell 74.8%, compared with 36.1% in high-income ZIP codes.” With the school year coming to a break, with a possible continuation of distance learning, teachers may need to find a new method to have the most effective classes to be able to competent with in person learning. Many lives have been lost during the pandemic, and the ones unfortunate have lost loved ones due to the virus. Mental health should be a huge priority with academics.

Teachers have also been struggling during the global pandemic. With teachers unable to interact with their students socially, they also aren’t there for their students mentally. Teacher mental health is also a problem. At the end of March, Marc Brackett, PhD, founder of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence at Yale University, and colleagues surveyed more than 5,000 U.S. teachers, asking them to list the most frequent emotions they felt each day. The top three: anxiety, fear and worry. Teachers were worried about how big a toll of distance learning would be and about the future of the school will be taking a toll on their wellness.


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