Will We Need the Covid-19 Vaccine Booster Shots?

It was roughly around six months ago, on December 11th, when the Food and Drug Administration authorized the first coronavirus vaccine in the United States. Ever since, there have been other shots developed by different companies such as Pfizer, BioNTech, and Johnson & Johnson. In total, there are three various shots that one could take and vaccinate themselves. Currently, around 40 percent of the United State’s population is fully vaccinated with both the shots, and more than half are at least half vaccinated with just one shot done. As more and more people are receiving their vaccines, the cases of Covid-19 and deaths caused by it have been at the lowest since March 2020, around the time it started. With the growing number of people being vaccinated, there are two big questions being asked often. The questions are, “Will immune protection against the coronavirus be long-lived? Or will people soon need booster shots?” To this question, Kirsten Lyke, a vaccinologist at the University of Maryland answers, that as of now, “no one knows” if we will need a booster or not and that the researchers are working their hardest to figure out the answer. However, regardless of whether we need a booster shot or not, an important fact to remember is that the immunity lasts at least six months old, sometimes even longer. This means that even if we eventually end up needing a booster shot, it will not be until after six months from when we get fully vaccinated. The scientists know that the long-term immunity from this vaccine comes from the information and data they gained from the people that got infected with the virus. They found out that there is the same pattern of the immune system amongst the population. They say that this pattern was how they were able to come up with a long-term effective vaccine that works for the majority of people. As a result, the researchers say that the answer to the question of whether we would need a booster shot or not is yet to be answered, for they are still in the process of researching. But they believe that even if we do need the booster shot, it won’t be required as often with at least a six-month gap in the middle where the vaccine is still effective.

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