Our Knowledge on Water Changed Dramatically

Water is one of the most critical molecules on earth, and yet it is also the most unusual and unique molecule on earth. It doesn’t contain the characteristics that are estimated by calculation and patterns but actually own features they “should not” consist of. For example, the temperature water boils is a temperature where water “should not” be able to boil in. In addition, unlike many other substances, water expands when it solidifies. The solid form of water tends to float instead of sinking, which is also very unique. Like these endless odd characteristics of water, water has always been a slight mystery to us human beings. But now, as the new research “published in the journal Nature has added one equally strange property” of water to the list of oddities. This unique property or information the researchers have found cold play a vital role in a new way to purifying water and even all the way to drug manufacturing. The new characteristic is that when water comes in contact with an electrode surface, not all of the water molecules respond in the same way and one another. This may not sound as dramatic and impressive as explained previously, but this new characteristic can significantly affect how well the different substances dissolve in water to an electrical field. This then goes on to determine how a chemical reaction occurs. As a reminder of how important a chemical reaction is, it is the essential process in how everything in the world is made and formed. The two prominent individuals who discovered this new property of water are Stephan Cronin, the ” Professor of electrical and computer engineering at UIC Viterbi School of Engineering, and Alexander Benderskii, associate professor of chemistry at USC Dornsite Colledge of Letter, Arts and Sciences.” It is no surprise that the two researchers that came up with this discovery were an engineer and a chemist. After all, chemistry is directly related to studying electrodes. They both played a significant role and provided an essential component to work, such as the “groundbreaking electrode from the engineer, Cronin, and an advanced laser spectroscopy technique from the Chemist, Benderskii.”

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