A 12 Year Old Boy and 14 Year Old Girl Are Being Charged For Breaking Into A House and Shooting Guns

Two runaway kids, a 12 year old boy and 14 year old girl, broke into an empty house on Tuesday and started shooting unauthorized firearm within the house. A police officer was forced to shoot the girl in an area that would not kill her since she was being a danger to the neighborhood. The children have been charged for attempted first degree murder of a law enforcement officer and armed burglary. Deputies are deeply disappointed in how society has evolved to the point where children think it is okay to be breaking the law and putting others as well as yourself at harm.

“the girl said, “I’m gonna roll this down like GTA,” referring to the video game “Grand Theft Auto,” according to the affidavits.”

From the CNN article, “A 12-year-old boy and 14-year-old girl broke into a home, found weapons and opened fire on deputies, sheriff says”

The effect a violent video game has on these children is absurd. The children had the intent of harming others, especially police officers, for the sake of their curiosity and enjoyment.

“The boy “told detectives he knew they were cops when he shot them because he wanted to harm them. There are the words of a 12-year-old,” Chitwood said at a news briefing.”

From the CNN article, “A 12-year-old boy and 14-year-old girl broke into a home, found weapons and opened fire on deputies, sheriff says”

The deputies were hesitant to stop the children since they had no other choice but to temporarily hurt them because they refused to listen to their warnings. Both foster children do not have criminal histories, but have records of dangerous activities. The boy allegedly threatened the school twice, once stating that he would throw a brick at the principal and another threatening a classmate that he would kill him and spread his guts on the bleachers. The girl, on the other hand, set a fire in the woods that came into close contact with residing houses.

The children broke into the house by crashing the homeowner’s windows and continued to destroy the home by shooting the ceiling as well as the walls and other furniture. When the homeowners heard about this incident, they were devastated. The family worries for the safety of their daughters and adjusting to the traumatizing memory.

The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice is flawed and unjust. After the girl was caught doing arson, the Juvenile Justice claimed that “arson isn’t a violent crime,” and returned her back to her mother who clearly could not handle her, and eventually left her in a foster care. Just because a crime is committed by a child, does not excuse them from being educated on the consequences that will be met in the future if they continue to do worse. In the context of the girl, no one should ever think that arson is not a violent crime since that reflects upon the attitude that the girl will grow up with. In this case, she did continue to commit more crimes because of the normalization of her last incident. Let kids be kids, but when it is something that is dangerous and could possible reflect on their future, it is just to give them consequences so they will learn to take part in a safer society.

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