The Hyperloop has potential problems

A hyperloop, is a super fast way of ground transportation system using a hovering pod inside a vacuum tube speeds as fast as 760mph(1220 hm/h). With Elon Musk with the genius behind the design. The HyperLoop is Just short of the speed of sound. At 20 dollar per ride and estimated 15 million trips per year, the Hyperloop would have the potential of having around 300 million in annual revenue. With the First Hyperloop being such an innovating way of travel, its still a concept that hasn’t been tested fully. With these levels of speed and efficiency, trains would be rendered obsolete, and many people would be able to travel long distances with little pay.

With the high speeds of the hyperloop there could be some potential problems. With just the slightest crack, outside air would enter the tubes and the infrastructure would explode. With such long tubes, the difficulty to maintain the system with be outstanding. The Hyperloop would be very expensive to build and maintain. The HyperLoop would also be prone to terrorists attacks. With so many people at risk, it wouldn’t be a great idea for the Hyperloop to stay unprotected. Even if the HyperLoop is implemented so humans can use it for daily use of transportation, there would be big changes to how people live. The Hyperloop would also be in big danger of Natural Disasters, and having difficulties with evacuation. The high initial cost would be a big obstacle, and how long it would to build the structure would also be a problem.

So is the HyperLoop a good idea? Well no, right now the HyperLoop is just a concept as its not official. The HyperLoop already has a ton of potential problems. Its safe to say that the HyperLoop may not be implemented in the next decade, or even at all. The HyperLoop is a great idea, but it has too many problems to make it worth the High initial price and the time to build. It could risk the passengers on the vehicle with its deadly flaw. In Short, The HyperLoop is impossible to be flawless and to maintain.

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