Spain’s postal service ends its skin color-inspired stamp campaign that made the lightest stamps the most expensive

After its continuous criticism for perpetuated racism, Spain’s postal service that consisted of a stamp campaign ended three days after the launch.

Spain’s postal service run by the government launched a collection of “Equality Stamps” intended to represent different skin colors. The prices of each stamp were different. The palest stamp costed 90 cents more than the darkest shade of the stamp. The price different was intended to “reflect the value Spaniards place on people based on their skin color, according to an ad campaign for the stamps.”

Most online netizens gave negative responses on the “Equality Stamps”. A number of Twitter users called the campaign “accidentally racists” and showed a surprised response on the fact that the government would even approve the service at first.

Correos, the Spain postal service stated how the stamps were meant to ‘reflect an unjust and painful reality’

To promote the “Equality Stamps,” Correos enlisted the help of Afro-Spanish rapper Domingo Edjang Moreno, better known as El Chojin. Moreno says the stamps “reflect an unjust and painful reality which should never exist.”

Even after El Chojin’s promotion, critics still saw the stamps as a factor of endorsing racism, not combating it. Even though Correos wished the ad of the collection of stamps to represent protest, the campaign rather ended up offending people of color in Spain.

Antumi Toasijé, president of the Council for the Elimination of Racial or Ethnic Discrimination stated that  “demanding that color should not determine the value we place on a person’s life,” She also tweeted that, ” A campaign that outrages those it claims to defend is always a mistake.”, and further showed urging Correos to suspend the stamp campaign.

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