Nature vs Nurture. Is this debate still relevant today?

The debate between the ideas if nature and nurture in a child’s upbringing has been ongoing for a long time, ever since the topic appeared in psychological studies in 1869. Nature is the idea that a child is most effected by their genetics and their innate biological factors, while nurture is the idea of parenting and other life experiences are most important in the development of a child. At first this debate was mainly focused on which factors affect child upbringing more, but now most psychologists do accept the idea that both have significant effects on kids.

First lets dig deeper into the idea of nature’s role in child development. Like I mentioned previously, nature is the idea that genetics is the biggest factor in determining how a kid will be brought up. Factors like behavior attitudes, personal attributes, and mental abilities are believed to be already “stored” inside of us when we are born. Like nature, the traits that we have are all natural and pre “wired” for us. The idea that some of our characteristics are set at birth are right in the aspects of personal attributes, because those cannot be edited after birth. The people who are on board with this idea that nature is the biggest controlling factor are called Nativists. In ancient times, philosophers such as Plato and Descartes were nativists, they believed that most human characteristics were apart of us when we were born. No other factors could change us as people, basically we get what we get.

However in a conflicting viewpoint, supports of the idea of nurture, or empiricists believed the exact opposite of what nativists did. Nurture is the opposite of genetic makeup, it is the idea that everyone is born with a “blank slate” and as they experience new things, their behavior and emotions are derived from those experiences. So factors like parenting and friendships are believed to be the most important elements of development as a child, because most things that children learn from others usually stick with them for the rest of their lives. So the idea of nurture is that psychological behaviors can be controlled, and nothing is set into stone. This means that at anytime opinions and emotions can be affected by the environment

Concluding the debate, it can be seen that although both sides have different ideals, it is clearly seen that both nature and nurture play big roles in the upbringing of humans. Nature is more of a genetical standpoint, such as facial image and such, while nurture is more psychological, affecting behavior and other mental factors. So all in all, the debate of nature versus nature should come to an end an both sides should focus more on helping the developments of children. After all, this debate is very silly for modern times, and instead energy should be focused on helping the future generations thrive.


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