New Incentive for Vaccines in California

Governor Newsom has recently annouced a new way for people living in California to be incentivized to get vaccinated. It was found that while 62.8% of citizens aged 12 and up were vaccinated with their first dose already, an estimated 12million people who are viable to be vaccinated, still haven’t applied for an appointment yet. This led to governor Newsom’s vaccination plan. He stated ““Some Californians weren’t ready to get their COVID-19 vaccine on day one, and that’s okay. This program is designed to encourage those who need extra support to get vaccinated and help keep California safe,” said Dr. Tomás J. Aragón, California Department of Public Health Director and State Public Health Officer. “The State will work closely with our partners at local health departments and community-based organizations to ensure the program reaches families living in communities with the lowest vaccination rates, who might face language barriers and other obstacles.”

California to award $1.5 million each to 10 residents in latest state vaccine  incentive program - ABC News

This led to the creation of a new system where people will be rewarded for getting vaccinated. This new plan is that anyone who is 12 years and older who are at least partially vaccinated by are eligible to be entered into cash prize drawings that would take place in June. “Thirty winners in total will be selected for the “$50,000 Fridays” cash prize drawings on June 4 and June 11, totaling $1.5 million. On June 15, $1.5 million will be awarded to 10 lucky Californians – for a grand total of $15 million in cash prizes. Winners must complete their vaccination in order to claim their prize. If someone under 18 wins, the cash will be put in a savings account for them until they turn 18.” There is also an additional reward for people who got vaccinated although this one only applies to those who are to be vaccinated after the announcement or May 27th. This reward will be that the first 2 million Californians to be fully vaccinated will be rewarded a 50$ gift card which could be spent almost anywhere. Despite the slow rate of vaccinations and people unwilling to be vaccinated, this will hopefully speed up the process at least in California.

This method has a ver good possibility of working as it has already been done in Ohio. A few days ago, Ohio implemented a system similar to the one in California. According to Ohio Department of Health data,” vaccinations in those ages 16 and older:Dropped by 25% the weekend of May 7 to May 10, compared to the weekend of April 30 to May 3. Increased by 28% for the same age group from May 14 to May 17, the weekend following the announcement of the Vax-a-Million drawings. “This dramatic increase in vaccinations indicates that the Vax-a-Million drawing has been impactful in creating momentum for vaccinations throughout Ohio,” said Stephanie McCloud, Director of the Ohio Department of Health. “We are grateful that the drawings are helping spur Ohioans to take this important measure to protect their health, their loved ones, and their community. Vaccines are our best tool to return to the lives we remember from before the pandemic.”

Ohio Covid vaccine lottery: 22-year-old wins $1 million prize

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