Taiwan Can’t Seem to Get the Vaccines Supplies They Need

Countries all over the Globe are being rushed to access the COVID-19 vaccines and get their civilian population vaccinated as soon as possible. However, this urgency has hit almost every country but the country of Taiwan. The twenty-three million people living on the island of Taiwan have recorded close to zero local infection for many months. The country is demanding for more vaccines as their vaccination rate is measured to be extremely low compared to the average vaccination rate around the world with 1% of the population. But things during the pandemic are very permanent can never be promised. Like so, this same country is now battling its worst outbreak yet. They recorded more than 1,000 infections just over the past week. Due to this outbreak, the country’s population is demanding more vaccines but cannot seem to receive their supply. In this desperate situation, the country of Taiwan has planned to ask the “United States for a share of the shots Joe Biden plans to send abroad as it waits for other deliveries to arrive.”
Taiwan is currently laid in a very urgent state, and without further consideration, it is possible for their choice of asking the United States a favor to seem like the best choice they had. But in theory, they do have the more Easy and simple answer just next door. They could choose to be supplied with the Chinese vaccines. China has sent “tens of millions of doses of its domestically developed vaccine around the world.” Still, Taiwan’s tension across the Taiwan Strait has run high ever since the pandemic began due to Beijing blocking Taiwan’s participation at the World Health Organization. They have also been trying to emphasize that Taipei’s island is considered a part of the Chinese territory. As a result of the increasing hostility and distrust between the two countries of Taiwan and China, Taiwan decided to refuse the Chinese-made vaccines and ban their use on the people. Like this, not choosing to get their supplies of vaccines from China and going around to the long route and waiting for the vaccines from the United States.

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