How did the U.S change more racially and ethnically over the last century?

Today, new immigrants from around the world take jobs in fields as diverse as healthcare, farming, tech, and more. But how did U.S get so diverse in the last century? “In 1999, Yakima’s Eisenhower High School listed its student body as 23 percent Latino and 70 percent white. Today, those numbers are essentially flipped: Eisenhower’s student population is now 73 Latino and 23 percent white.” With this data, it shows that over the last century, many immigrants came to the U.S but, for what reason? Several factors are contributed to this shift. “Immigration to the U.S has been the highest from countries like Mexico, China, India, and the Philippines.” The 1965 Immigration Act, which gave the opportunity for countries outside Europe to move to the U.S. “The white population in the U.S is getting older, and older people tend to have fewer children.” Today, Americans under the age of 18 make up of, 50 percent white, 26 percent Hispanic, 14 percent Black, 5 Percent Asian, 5 percent two or more races, and 1 percent American Indian. However, in people in America over the age of 65 is a drastic difference. 76 percent White, 9 percent Hispanic, 9 percent Black, 5 percent Asian, 1 percent one or two more races, and 1 percent American Indian.

“There’s no question that the U.S is growing more racially and ethnically diverse.” An analysis of 2018 census data shows that Americans under the age of 15, white people make up under 50 percent. Due to this, people believe that the way we classify people will be less meaningful, as the immigrants will make up most of the population in the U.S in the near future. No country in the world has experienced such a quick and dramatic change of diversity in race and ethnicity. However, the change of diversity may be a good thing. Immigrants have always played a key role in this nations growth economically.

With immigrants taking over the U.S, the U.S has been more diverse in everyway since the last century, this brings up the question, how will the U.S be like in the next century? With traditions and cultures being spread in the U.S, this could affect how people live in the U.S. Will the U.S change for the better?

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