What Happens When Obese Women get Pregnant?

Obesity is defined as a “complex disease involving an excessive amount of body fat.” Obesity is linked to a lot of health problems that are related to mainly the heart and blood vessels in the body. Of course obesity also affects pregnant women as their health conditions are different from a women with normal BMI. BMI stands for Body Mass Index and it is used in order to tell if someone is overweight, healthy, or underweight. There are universal BMIs that determine one’s health related to their weight. Obesity can cause significant problems when a women is carrying a child so there are many precautions doctors take part in to ensure the mother’s and child’s safety.

First lets look at the problems obesity creates for the child and the mother. The baby may be born with birth defects or they may be premature. Premature babies are babies that are not fully developed inside the mother’s womb so it is super dangerous for the kid if they are born premature. According to, women that were classified as obese were more likely to have premature babies than women that were in the healthy category when it came to BMI. Premature babies are sometimes forced by the doctors because the mother may be diagnosed with diseases that harm the mom as well the child. The most common of diseases that obese mothers get are Gestational and Preeclampsia, both are related to high blood pressure that may lead to diabetes and liver failures in the future. So the doctors remove the baby from the womb about 37 weeks before the expected date so that the mother does not obtain these life changing diseases. The birth defects the child can contract include NTDs and heart defects. NTD stands for Neural Tube Defects and they affect the spine and brain. Considering the brain, heart, and spine are arguably the three most vital body parts, obesity during childbearing is a huge risk for the mother and the child.

However considering that there are many negatives to childbearing while obese, not all pregnant obese women are cursed with terrible diseases and not all children with obese mothers have birth defects. Many obese women begin daily exercise during their pregnancy in order to lose weight. This is a great way for the mother to stay healthy and lower the risks of a problematic pregnancy. After all most cases of obesity can be solved by losing weight and if the mother maintains a good plan throughout her pregnancy, she and her baby can live normal lives.

So overall, there are certain health risks when it comes to obese women during pregnancy, but that is the case for all pregnancies. There is always a risk when it comes to childbearing so parents need to be cautious even if they are considered “healthy”. Obese women can take certain measures to ensure that their pregnancies are not filled with bumps and obstacles. After all why should a little extra weight get in the way of happiness?


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