Discord’s New Users

What is Discord?

Discord is an app adopted by many people as a form of communication during the pandemic. In the past, it was mainly marketed towards gamers to use as communication during a game. Discord has servers based around various communities that you can join, or you can make your own server with friends to talk, hang out, and chat. It launched back in 2015 for gamers, making us of dedicated chat and voice channels for different purposes, such as “general” or “music”. While Discord is considered social media, it doesn’t contain any feed or ‘posts’ for the users to see and instead provides communities based on servers. 

Discord additionally allows for bots, which make many tasks easier. Now users can listen to music together using the “groovy” Discord bot, which plays music and can handle spotify services. Additionally, bots are used for chat management, making administrator’s jobs easier.

Summatively, Discord is a versatile app used by many to collaborate and have fun. Discord servers have many uses, from being a social hub for friends or a virtual classroom.


In early 2020, Discord’s non-gaming users were around 30% of the user population, typical of an app geared towards gamers. Now, that percentage has jumped to 70% as people bond over interests with others. This rise has started with the rise of many community servers, such as those focused on memes, sports, or geographical regions. With a new set of consumers, Discord rebranded to “Your Place to Talk” from “Chat for Gamers”. 

Recently in March, Microsoft was interested in buying the company for at least $10 B. This would have been a huge deal, with the Wall Street Journal report gaining virality. While these talks have ended, Sony is partnering with Discord as they took a minority stake in the start-up. 

With this partnership, Sony is currently working to integrate Discord into PlayStation consoles. While there are not many details on exactly what this partnership will bring, many are suspecting Discord integration on consoles, a feature not yet available. 


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