The States Are Slowing Declining More Vaccine Doses

As more vaccines are being manufactured and approved in the United States, the demand for them has dropped. The daily average of the Coronavirus vaccine doses dropped to below two million for the first time since early March. For example, Wisconsin only asked for 8% of the 162,680 doses since the demand there has dropped significantly. This goes for other states like Iowa asking for 29% and Illinois asking for 9%. As the number of cases slowly decreases in the United States, the demand falls as well. This caused President Biden to make a statement. He decided to help out struggling countries like India with the remaining doses of the vaccine.

“About 83 percent of shots have been administered in high- and upper-middle-income countries, while only 0.3 percent of doses have been given in low-income countries.”

From the New York Times article, “Covid-19 Live Updates: States Turn Down Hundreds of Thousands of Vaccine Doses

There are many reasons why the demand is lowering. One is that people have become more hesitant. The people who were fine with it has already received the vaccine when it first distributed. Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine also contributes to this. After the pause of distribution from the cases of a blood clot disorder caused by the vaccine, more people became suspicious and worried to get vaccines in general. As the saying goes, once you pause it, it is hard to ‘un-pause’ it and forget about its past. President Biden is trying his best to shift the administration to be able to reach underserved communities. Experts warn that states with low vaccination rates, notably in the South, may be particularly vulnerable to outbreaks in the coming weeks as more contagious virus variants spread.

However, the decrease in demand in the United States greatly differs from the rest of the world. While the United States has given at least one shot to 44% of the United States, Africa has only been able to reach 1%. Places like South America and India have plunged in numbers for the spread of the Coronavirus. As more people are unable to get a hold of the vaccine, the more time the virus has to mutate and spread for the worse. While China is trying to make another vaccine for struggling countries, the officials are stating how it is already difficult for them to manufacture their own doses for their population. Even though the United States’s cases are not as high, countries around the world need help.

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