The Hardest Aspects of Nursing

When people research about their dream job, they usually overlook the difficult aspects of the job and focus overly on the positives. However it is vital that all aspects of a career pathway are examined in order to understand the obstacles that will need to be overcome in the future. For nursing there are many positives to the job such as having the ability to help others and they are always in high demand. The positives when it comes to nursing are very massive and others are beneficiaries to nurses as well. Nevertheless nursing comes with difficulties just like any other job, many of which are involved with the mind.

One common misconception is that some nurses may have difficulty working with needles and seeing blood. This is not a huge reach considering the fact that many people when they were younger did in fact have fears of needles and blood and that may have continued into adulthood. However this is actually not the case and according to, most nurses claim that not being able to save a patient outweighs the fear of needles and blood by far. After many countless hours, days, and even months of work for a certain patient, losing that patient is a huge hit to nurse morale because they believed they have failed their purpose. Those who experienced the death of a loved one would most likely agree with nurses on this one – the pain is immeasurable.

Another big obstacle nurses see often is outside opinion on their occupations. Some people form judgmental opinions about nurses and do not consider them as vital as doctors for some strange reason. Even professionals in other health care industries look down at nurses because of a superiority complex within their systems. According to, some nurses even receive verbal and physical abuse from fellow workers and that is, in their opinion, the hardest part of their jobs.

In conclusion, nursing definitely has many great features, but there are also many tough obstacles that must be overcome in order for nurses to be able to successfully complete their jobs and task. Ranging from abuse to mental turmoil, nursing is not an easy job just like many other jobs in the medical field. This really opens up and gives insight into the struggles nurses go through and gives people more reason to appreciate them for their work. Fortunately for the world, interest in the field of nursing only continues to grow and many people seem to be eager to work to conquer these issues.


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