Columbia’s Protest

A violent protest has been taking place in Columbia for more than a week, and it has killed 25 people and injured hundreds. This protest and the consequences are causing “statements of concerns from the U.S government and the European Union.” The protest has been caused by the crowd’s anger towards the “economic pain” that they have to experience due to the COVID-19. Apart from this, the heavy-handed police response, the Upheaval that has reached close to 250 cities and towns, also frustrates the crowd. The first protest in Columbia took place on April 28, 2021. This first protest aimed to oppose the “controversial fiscal reform introduced by President Ivan Duque.” The unemployment rate in Columbia has risen to 16% since the pandemic began. It was initially at a 9% unemployment rate before the pandemic, which explains the objectives behind these protests. Even after Duque has withdrawn the proposed reform, the anger of the people just kept growing. On top of this, more protests were taking place and adding on such as the Anti-riot policemen protest. This new protest that was getting fame from on the internet added more heat to other existing demonstrations as well. As the protest is getting more heated up, they also became more violent and dangerous. As a result of the protests became more violent, the opposing powers now use weapons such as teargas and batons to fight against the protesters. On Tuesday, May 4, 2021, the U.S Department publicly urged the utmost restraint by public forces to prevent additional loss of life. ” Interior Minister Palacios said that “arrest warrants have been issued for some police officers over protester deaths.” But there have also been injured police officers, and the number was closer to 600 officers. During the protest, there have been 25 death where eleven were police involved. These eleven deaths with the police involved are being investigated. To this, Palacios also added that “[They] do not condone excessive use of force; [they] do not accept any abuse of the rule of law.” The mayor, Claudia López, believes that Columbia has to see and acknowledge the deep economic inequality to cease the protest. After realizing this, they will also have to try their best and make a change to satisfy the people or the protesters.

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