Florida Bill Helps Republicans to Restrict Voting

The requests made by the Florida election officials were direct and straightforward. They claimed that passing the state’s new voting bill would be unnecessary and would cause more troubles than benefits. They say that the restrictions imposed by the law would make it harder for people to vote. Their opinions, however, were dismissed when on Thursday, April 28, 2021 night, the legislature gave the final passage to the bill. This would put a limit on the voting so that an individual is only able to vote by “mail, curtail, the use of dropboxes, and prohibit actions to help people waiting in line to vote.” On top of this, a penalty is said to be imposed on those who do not follow these new voting laws. Many think of this passing of the bill as the clear sign from the Republicans who are ” Determined to march forward across state capitols to establish new restrictions on voting.” Next to Florida, there are other sites as well that are also dealing with new voting laws. Such states are Georgia, forbidding the distribution of “food and water to voters waiting in line,” and Iowa, reducing the time period for in-person voting on Election days.
In Texas, the Republicans in the legislature and defeating protestations from a large corporation such as Dell Technologies and American Airline. They are also passing on a “vast election bill that would be among the most severe in the nation.” This bill will “imposing new restrictions on early voting, banning drive-through voting, threaten election officials with harsher penalties and great empower partisan been passed, and he is now being planned to pass in many other states such as Arizona, and Michigan.” Throughout this process, far, the republicans have significantly been unmoved by the opposing power’s opinions on the new voting laws.
To this, Joe Grunters, a Florida State Senator and the Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida, says, “I don’t think anybody was concerned about it.” Like his statement, Mr. Grunter had claimed many times that the tightening of the state election is a top priority for him and that his state’s election system, thanks to this mindset, is “Gold Standard”.

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