A Chinese rocket could hit your house next week.

China had a launch of a huge rocket that is one of the first pieces of the space station that they are building. However after the launch on Wednesday a piece of the rocket was set to land in the ocean. Due to a couple miscalculations the piece is now out of control and can hit anywhere on Earth in the coming week.

The object coming from the rocket is 21 tons and nothing that large has fell on Earth since 1990 and the weight of the debris totaled to less than half of the huge 21 ton piece. Experts predict that most of it will burn up but because of its size the pieces will separate and hit the land or ocean at enormous speed.

However this is not Chinas first mistake, China has launched the Long March 5B once before. In May 2020, to test it by putting a spaceship prototype into orbit. That rocket’s core stage also fell to Earth uncontrolled, six days after launch. It reentered Earth’s atmosphere over the Atlantic Ocean, the US Space Force’s 18th Space Control Squadron said, but local reports indicated that bits of the rocket fell on Côte d’Ivoire.

Jim Bridenstine, who was NASA’s administrator at the time, chastised China for the incident, calling it “really dangerous.” The rocket stage’s path had taken it over Los Angeles and New York City just before it succumbed to Earth’s gravity.

Hopefully the massive debris do not crash on any massive city. In the case that it does I can imagine a ton of chaos and massive casualties. Countries should be sure to be more careful when it comes to things as dangerous as rockets.


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