Will some jobs be replaced by robots?

As robotics are getting more advanced, that leads us to the question, will humans be rendered obsolete for physical jobs?

When classifying what jobs that robots can or can’t do most of the jobs threatened are physical. Robots are argued to be more efficient than humans at physical jobs. This could lead to the loss of million 40 percent of Americans hold jobs that may shrink by 2030. They are consistent at their work, don’t get tired after a long day of work. Can do work constantly without having to sleep, and they cost less as they rarely need maintenance. Jobs with repeated tasks done hand to hand are most at threat. “Food service, production work, customer service and retail sales will all decline within the next decade.” Most of the jobs getting replaced are repetitive, which makes AI more efficient as they require no rest and can constantly work without payments. “People may harness this change for good.” The new generation is forced to work for a cognitive job.

However, many of the jobs are too advanced for robots to handle. Many cognitive jobs require complex decision-making, creativity, and planning. These jobs are untouched by technology to take over. However, many people don’t trust technology as they could be hacked, or controlled. “If data can’t be fed into a machine that’ll spit out faster, its best done by humans.” Humans still have the advantage of having emotions, opinions, and having the ability to be creative. “You can’t replicate that in a machine.”

Physical jobs may be threatened by the development of AI, but we still have a lot to learn. AI is still early in development so its nearly impossible to foreshadow the future of jobs. AI is still lacking, being unsuccessful in all industries. A lot of predictions involving what jobs may and may not be obsolete may be completely incorrect. “Innovation often takes strange and unexpected turn.” AI even may not be implemented in the industry in the next 50 years. Many people aren’t even safe around technology. So for now, its safe to say that physical jobs will be unaffected by AI for a while.


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