North Korea Gives A Worrying Warning Towards The United States

In a recent speech, President Joe Biden said that Pyongyang’s nuclear testing program is “a serious threat to America’s security and world security.” North Korea was not happy with his statement and warned the United States that a “crisis beyond control in the near future.” This caused Americans to worry about what North Korea could be planning or implying. However, this was not the only statement that North Korea addressed. In fact, there were around three.

“A separate statement accused the US of engaging in “political chicanery” last week, when the State Department called North Korea “one of the most repressive and totalitarian states in the world.”

From the CNN article, “North Korea warns of ‘crisis beyond control’ in heated statements aimed at US and South Korea”

The third statement was made by North Korean leader’s sister, Kim Yo Jong, who stated that South Korea might face consequences “after North Korean defectors used balloons to send leaflets into North Korean territory”(Berlinger, CNN). In an effort to provide people within one of the world’s strictest dictatorships with uncensored knowledge about their country and the outside world, an activist group headed by a North Korean defector launched balloons into North Korea carrying money and anti-North Korean propaganda leaflets in an attempt to provide people within one of the world’s strictest dictatorships with uncensored information about their country and the outside world, Kim made his remark. North Korea’s statements focused on what it perceived as insults from Biden, the State Department, and the South Korean government, and they all used the bombastic vocabulary that is common in North Korean resistance or displeasure statements. Unlike former President Trump, President Biden wants to pursue a hostile policy towards North Korea instead of a grand bargain. Biden is trying to focus more on South Korea and plans to meet Moon Jae-In later this month in Washington DC.

However, North Korea stays firm in their stance. They refuse to stop the nuclear arsenal until the United States changes their hostile policy. This also has to do with the difference in values between former President Trump and President Biden. Former President Trump used to keep in constant contact with Kim Jong Un with no agreement on stopping North Korea’s nuclear weapon facilities, but President Biden says otherwise. The White House has made it clear that they will not be pursuing Trump’s grand bargain for North Korea.

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