Liberty University Sues Jerry Falwell Jr. Seeking Millions in Damage

Liberty University, which is a Christian university, is suing former president Jerry Falwell Jr. for millions of dollars. The accusation is that Falwell has been “withholding damaging personal information from school officials while negotiating a lucrative employment agreement for himself. ” The Civil lawsuit was filed this Thursday, April 15 of 2021, in the Lynchburg Circuit Court in Virginia. It is looking at 10 million dollars in compensatory damages, which could potentially be tripled under state law. Liberty turned in a 74 paged complaint containing three main motives behind the entire lawsuit to this lawsuit. Falwell, on the other hand, strongly disagreed with what this lawsuit had to say. He denounced the lawsuit as “yet another attempt to defame me and discredit my record.” He claims that he has always “abided by the requirements that applied to everyone in the United States. ” To this, the Liberty Spokesman only replied, “The University’s only words on the subject is the lawsuit itself.” The overall summary of the case is that Falwell, 58 years old, has a wife who has been having an affair with Giancarlo Grando for two years. After two years, when Falwell’s wife, Becki decided she wants to end the relationship with Granda, Granda threatens the Falwells with photographs and recorded communications that, when released, will hurt Falwell’s reputation and social image. After this happens, Falwell’s life starts going downhill, and due to many bad events layering on top of one another, he starts drinking a lot more. As a result of him drinking a lot more, he is less enthusiastic and ends up making the mistake of not showing sincerity when needed in his public activities. Because of this and many other reasons, Liberty University is risking 10 million or more money to sue Falwell for damaging its reputation.

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