Biden Administration Plans to supply more support for India as India Faces Covid-19 Outbreak

This Sunday, April 25th of 2021, the Biden Administration announced that they would be redistributing additional supplies for India as they are dealing with a spike in the coronavirus cases. Some of the United States stores that will deploy are “Supplies of therapeutics, rapid diagnostic test kits, ventilators, and personal protective equipment or also known as PPE.” The administration says that the equipment will be ready to e provided for India right away. The United States is also following the option to offer oxygen generators and other related supplies urgently. This Saturday, India reported 349,691 new cases of the COVID-19 cases. Saturday was the fourth day in a row that India set the world record of daily infections of the virus, according to the government and scientific tallies. During the call between Jake Sullivan, the U.S. national security adviser, and his Indian counterpart, Sullivan showed “deep sympathy for the people of India following the recent spike in Covid-19 cases”. Earlier on in the pandemic, when the United States was dealing with a spike in the coronavirus cases as well, India has also sent assistance for America. The help that the United States received is just one reason why America is so eager to help India through this challenging time for them. The White House also announced that the U.S. would be funding for the expansion of the manufacturing capability of BioE, which is the vaccine manufacture of India. This funding will enable BioE to ramp up the production of the vaccines to 1 billion doses by the end of the year 2022. 

Additionally, U.S. will send expert teams of “public health advisors from the Center for Disease Control,” or otherwise known as CDC. This team from CDC will collaborate with India’s Epidemic Intelligence service staff to help the crisis. 

People have also been saying that the U.S. will be sharing the AstraZeneca vaccine doses with India. Still, the Biden Administration has not yet mentioned anything like so in any of their statements. Although it was not stated anywhere, many believe that the administration will share the vaccine because they have loaned them to Mexico in the past.

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