Stomach pain in Children

As a young child would sometimes have these abdominal pains that I had struggle understanding where they came from. They were very random and there was really no way for me to know when they would come and how strong. When I had stomach pains I would go tell my parents and they would massage my stomach for a couple minutes and they would reside. That was the only way we knew how to deal with it, and we never went to the hospital or anything. Apparently, abdominal pain is common in other children as well and some cases are much more severe than mine were – vomiting and sleeplessness are some of the more extreme symptoms of abdominal pain. There are some special cases, but most times abdominal pain can be managed pretty easily.

Even though most of the time these stomach pains aren’t very dangerous or harmful, there can be serious instances where these stomach pains can lead to danger. For example, if a child has a high fever, has diarrhea, or has vomited, then they should be taken to the hospital to be diagnosed as soon as possible. These more serious cases of stomach pain can be easily treated if diagnosed sooner than later. However if left alone for a long period of time, these abdominal pains can actually be life-threatening because surgery may be needed in some situations.

The most important difference between severe and minor stomach pains is the area of the pain. If the pain is around the belly button then it is minor and most likely caused by stress or has to do with something that they ate. On the other hand, if the pain is coming from the lower portion of the stomach, then it might be something serious so that should be checked by a medical professional as soon as possible. This is because the appendix is located near the bottom of the stomach area. This pain may be caused because the appendix is infected with bacteria and viruses. In order to prevent inflammation and other serious health issues, the appendix must be removed to ensure the child’s safety.

All in all stomach pains are most of the time harmless and can be solved by laying down for a couple minutes or going to the bathroom to do number two. However, there are instances where stomach pains can be serious and it is important for parents to know when their child’s stomach pains are severe so that they can take the necessary precautions.


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