Johnson & Johnson’s Reliability Slowly Decreases As Reports Show Multiple Concerns

Johnson & Johnson (J&J) has been gaining attention for being the first federally approved vaccine that only requires one dosage unlike two leading brands, Moderna and Pfizer, that require two. However, their reliability slowly decreases as people start to point out allegations that recipients have gone through such as fainting, reactions, and possible blood clots.

Fainting and Reactions

At UNC Health, 8-14 people out of 12,000 fainted after getting the J&J shot on Tuesday, April 6 2021. Eight people from Georgia also had similar reactions varying from fainting, nausea, and an allergic reaction. In Colorado, 11 people had reactions and 2 had to go to the hospital.

“Several patients at a clinic in Wake County, North Carolina, showed what officials were calling “adverse reactions” to the vaccine within the 15-minute waiting period after receiving the vaccine, WSOC reported.”

From “J&J vaccine clinics paused in 4 states after small groups of patients have reactions; company, CDC respond”

Although less than 2% of those that received the J&J vaccine had reactions, it is still concerning that regular people are reacting in general where it could potentially lead to hospitalization.

Blood Clots

CNN has reported concerns of development of blood clots after receiving the J&J vaccine. Although these allegations are trending specifically towards Johnson & Johnson, the link is not clear whether it is specifically from that company, or all COVID-19 vaccines.

“The agency, which is the European Union drug regulator, said serious cases of “unusual blood clots with low blood platelets” have been reported in four people after they received the Johnson & Johnson shot. It’s unclear if any of them were caused by the vaccine.”

From the New York Times article, “Johnson & Johnson Shots to Stay Scarce in U.S. Until Plant Is Approved, White House Official Says”

The New York Times article continues by stating how one of the four people that had blood clots died in the United States. The F.D.A. are still looking into these situations since there is no direct correlation that the blood clots are caused by the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. The company also stated that blood clots were found within people that have received other brand vaccines. This has caused many states to pause the distribution of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine for safety measures. The White House states that the J&J vaccine will plunge by 86% which will cause a setback to the rapid vaccinations across the country.

Factory Mix-Up Causing Faulty Doses

A manufacturing factory in Baltimore deals with two different vaccines and accidentally combined their ingredients for a batch of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. This contaminated up to 15 million potential doses for that vaccine.

“Further shipments of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine — expected to total 24 million doses in the next month — were supposed to come from the giant plant in Baltimore. Those deliveries are now in question while the quality control issues are sorted out, according to people familiar with the matter.”

From the New York Times article, “Factory Mix-Up Ruins Up to 15 Million Vaccine Doses From Johnson & Johnson”

Though the purpose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine was to be a faster one dosage vaccine, its reliability is slowly getting questioned from these events.

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