How does the pandemic affect how we use our electronic devices?

People use devices for entertainment, studies, and work; but how does the drastic change during the pandemic affect people’s daily screen time? Due to the Covid-19 virus spreading rapidly around the nation, people have to now rely on digital content instead of the normal education system. Electronic devices are being used constantly due to digital learning. During the several months in lockdown, how was screen time affected?

Many parents are concerned about the extraordinary time spent on screens during the pandemic. Many kids are using their electronics for social media, and videogames. They believe that there must be screen time restrictions to prevent their kids from wasting too much time in the digital world. Most sports are unavailable, and this leads to less hobbies to work on during the pandemic. Children under the age of 10 are the most affected. An app called Roblox, a popular game mostly for young audiences from age 9 to 12, averaged 31.1 million users a day during the first 9 months of 2020. This was an 82 percent increase from the year before. Children spend countless hours on their screens due to no alternate activities or entertainment. Electronic devices is where children hang out with friends and go to school. Researches are concerned as devices are a poor substitute for physical activities that affect health, and social development. The increase of screen time due to the pandemic also has some negative effects physically and mentally on people. More people are encouraged to due to the online environment to explore the digital world, but there are also parts of the internet that can inappropriate and take a big toll in their lives. This includes cyberbullying, and harassment. This could result in depression, and later on with suicidal thoughts. These mental changes usually go unnoticed before its too late.

What are alternate sources of entertainment? You might ask. One way is to connect with your family during the pandemic. This could maintain relationships between siblings. Since kids are discouraged to do physical activities during the pandemic, they can resort to pursuing hobbies and build skills. They can do creative activities to make them entertained, and to build self esteem. Take a break from the digital world. No one should isolate themselves from family or friends due to unexpected change of lifestyle due to the global pandemic. Everyone should be able to feel free, without the pressure of the internet. If you are mentally or physically impacted by the sudden change of lifestyle, Its never too late to ask for help.


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