AI-Driven Design Service in Dental Labs

To render scanning easier, 3Shape added artificial intelligence (AI) technology to its TRIOS intraoral scanner two years ago. Although intraoral scanning with TRIOS, AI was used to automatically extract soft tissue.

3Shape Automate, which is available on the 3Shape website, is a self-service design service geared toward dental lab technicians dealing with rush times and overflow orders, according to the company. According to 3Shape, dental technicians can create an infinite number of orders with their own personalized design directions and upload their scans to the Automate website. According to 3Shape, Automate’s AI technology then returns any dental design proposal in as little as five minutes, no matter how many designs are ordered.

From Dental System, Exocad, or even a non-3Shape scanner, lab technicians simply upload their orders to Automate. A few preferences are defined by you. Aside from that, everything in the order’s accompanying content is valued. All of the parameters are set. The computer begins the calculations, and you will receive a design in as little as five minutes, ready for analysis. Most laboratories face peak hours or times when they must deal with an influx of orders. Perhaps a designer is ill or on holiday. Automate eliminates the need for your technicians to work overtime or under stress. Simply fill in the blanks with Automate for your simple restorative design needs, choose a delivery date, and you’re ready to go into production.

AI-Driven Design Service Targets Dental Labs
Image Source : Dentristrytoday, AI-Driven Design Service Targets Dental Labs

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