Suspect Arrested For The Disappearance Of Evelyn Colon From 1976

Evelyn Colon from Jersey City, New Jersey, got pregnant at 15 in 1976 by her 19 year old boyfriend, Luis Sierra. During that time period, it was more normalized to move out together after getting pregnant. After Colon moved, her mother would often check in with them to make sure they were doing alright. However, one day no one answered the door when her mother came to visit. The people around the neighborhood all assumed that they moved away, so that is what Evelyn’s mother believed. Later, Luis Sierra sent a letter to Evelyn’s family members, stating how they are both okay, but do not wish to keep in contact with her family. While the family believed Evelyn’s boyfriend through the letter, little did they know that their daughter’s body was found ini 1976 but was unidentified until it was confirmed that it was Evelyn 45 years later.

Colon’s death was quite gruesome. Her body was dismembered into three suitcases. She was in her third trimester of pregnancy when her female fetus was forcibly removed from her body and placed in one of the suitcases. Until last week, her body as well as her baby was known as “Beth Doe” and once she was identified, the police arrested the now 63 year old boyfriend, Luis Sierra.

After the long awaited identification of “Beth Doe,” Colon was able to get properly buried as well as her unborn daughter Emily Grace in White Haven, Pennsylvania. CNN got to get in touch with Colon’s family, and they were intrigued to say the least.

“I think that, in light of the whole Easter season, with the Christ resurrection, her identity, her case, her life, the justice for her murder, is being truly resurrected from her grave, right?” Colon-Veltman said. “And it’s a powerful season for us as a family.”

From the CNN article, “Suspect arrested in the death of a teenage girl who disappeared in 1976”

“We finally, potentially, got the answer,” Colon Jr. said. “It gives me peace to know — at least now I know and we know that she wasn’t, she didn’t purposely leave us. It’s nothing that we did. And that really, really makes me feel good to know.”

From the CNN article, “Suspect arrested in the death of a teenage girl who disappeared in 1976”

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