Ever Given Remains Stuck in Suez Canal

Late on Tuesday, one of the world’s most important means of transport and trade, the Suez Canal, was blocked off by a large cargo ship. Its owners claim that a strong wind caused the ship and its 20,000 compartments to become lodged horizontally in a crucial section of the waterway. However, many onlookers, as well as the chief of Egypt’s Suez Canal Authority, believe that while wind could’ve been a contributing factor, the blockage was ultimately the result of human error.

With the blocked canal posing many economic drawbacks, dislodging the Ever Given has become a top priority. Since Tuesday, there have been constant efforts and attempts, all without success. It wasn’t until Saturday night when the ship moved a mere 2 degrees (100 feet), that tugboat drivers began seeing some positive outcome. Despite only minor improvements, spirits are high, as Monday night brings a spring tide that will raise the water level by 18 inches and hopefully allow for success.

Although it has been confirmed that the ship and it’s contents are undamaged, what may seem like a minor convenience is actually only a few days away from a crisis. The Ever Given is stopping important ships, filled to the brim with an assortment of commodities, including livestock, cars, computers, and oil. With these vessels having to rethink routes and taking longer paths, fuel costs are increasing by as much as 26,000 dollars a day. If the ship is freed by Monday, the damage is manageable, but anything beyond that holds likely repercussions.

While the Suez Canal’s blockage has certainly earned its spot in news and the media, the internet as well as multiple social media platforms have taken a liking to the particular incident. Whether it’s the pure peculiarity of a ship getting stuck in the canal, or the fact that it took place during an already chaotic time, the Ever Given’s story is plastered all over peoples’ pages in a variety of different memes and humorous exchanges. One specific image of a digger attempting to dislodge the 220,000 ton cargo ship has been a fan favorite and has been edited into different hilarious interpretations, shining some light on the situation as a whole.


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