Elon Musk attempts to win back Chinas’ Trust.

Tesla is a growing brand and has made tremendous progress over the past decade. However, according to Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, the work he is doing with Tesla and its role in advancing sustainable transportation is more important than politics or just about anything else. Elon musk has been growing his brand continuously and made a great relationship with China. Even though he does not speak Chinese, Musk is one of the most popular American business leaders in China. A video of him dancing on stage during the debut of the Shanghai-made Model 3 early last year went viral on Weibo. AndPremier Li Keqiang once even said he would be happy to give Musk a “China green card” after the American entrepreneur said he “loves China very much.”

However last month, Tesla was summoned by Chinese officials to face questions about the quality of its Shanghai-made cars. And over the weekend, a handful of media outlets reported that military had banned Tesla vehicles from entering its complexes over concerns that cameras equipped onboard could be used for spying. Although Musk denied all accusations of spying, many high ranking political officials in China are worried.

He later stated, “I’m very confident about Tesla’s future in China, the Chinese economy I think can do extremely well over the next decade and will become the biggest economy in the world. And it’s also committed to a sustainable energy future.” As he shows his continuous love for China many people still worry.

He also added, “There’s a very strong incentive for us to be very confidential with any information, if Tesla used cars to spy in China or anywhere, we will get shut down.” Hopefully the relationship between the 2 powers can stay friendly even after the incident and get his trust back from the country. With China being almost a 5th of his company revenue it is important for it to stay put.


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