Biden’s Response to Mass Shootings

As outlined by the Boulder Colorado shootings just yesterday, it is plain to see that the U.S. has a gun problem. The main reason for this is how easy it is to access and buy a gun in the US. Biden had proposed a plan to suppress mass shootings in his presidential speech and has addressed it again soon after the shooting in Boulder hit the headlines. However, many people are not happy with this proposition as they claim it violates their rights of the 2nd Amendment. Despite citizen complaints, Biden has stated that he will implement these following changes.

First is to hold the manufacturers of these guns accountable. Prior to Biden’s election, gun manufacturers were not held responsible for harm caused by their products which no other industry has. Biden plans to replace this system with one where the manufacturers are responsible.

Next, he is planning to make the general lethality of purchasable guns lower. Solutions proposed include ban on assault weapons and large capacity magazines, regulation of already purchased assault weapons, buy back assault weapons and high capacity magazines, and reduce stockpiling of guns. All of these changes should in theory reduce mass shootings.

Biden is also proposing that to alleviate the risk of shootings, more thorough background checks should be required. In the current status quo, 20% of guns are sold without any background checks. Biden’s bill will essentially eliminate any loop-holes that dangerous people have used to get guns which they otherwise shouldn’t have gotten. Finally, online sales, which were also easy ways to access guns, will be terminated.

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