Martyr for Democracy

On March 3, during a demonstration in Mandalay, Myanmar, Ma Kyal Sin, who goes by Angel, was killed by a member of the military coup. The 19 year old became a symbol of the country’s fight for democracy, her friends state she was the martyr for Democracy. Wearing a T-shirt with the slogan “Everything will be OK”, her image appears on posters to be remembered. 

CNN writes, “Her struggle was emblematic of a generation fighting for freedom and democracy against a brutal and unrelenting junta that has launched a systematic attack against peaceful demonstrators. At least 80 people have been killed and hundreds injured since the coup, according to the United Nations. More than 2,000 have been detained, with allegations of torture and enforced disappearances. Many have not been heard from since.” Angel’s friend said, “We will fight till the end, we will never step back, we will not be scared.”

The day Angel passed was one of the bloodiest because protests against the military coup broke out and security forces fired at protesters in an attempt to contain them. The forces killed at least 38 protestors, and footage show many bodies limp and surrounded by pools of blood. Angel made a great impact in this protest, by standing in the front line, chanting and breaking through tear gas. According to her friend Min Htet Oo, “It was very dangerous as we are at the front line and Angel was with us, she was the only girl in the group. She was the bravest, she was the most active one and commanding everyone at the front line.”

Hundreds of people gathered for her funeral, and held up three-finger signs to symbolize resistance among protesters, an idea from the “Hunger Games”. 

The following morning she had been buried, footage showed that around the grave, there were razor blades, rubber boots, surgical grounds, shovels, and a bloodied plastic glove. Angel’s grave was filled with cement. This image enraged the protesters and for the second time, there was a cry of grief. 

Angel’s friends say that Angel will be remembered as the martyr of Democracy.

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