ADHD causes and treatment

ADHD stands for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity disorder and it is a disorder that affects millions of people worldwide. Most usually diagnosed in childhood ADHD can continue into adulthood for many people. According to, there has been a 42% in ADHD diagnosis over the past 8 years. As the number of cases of ADHD continue to rise, more attention needs to be given towards finding treatment to combat this disorder and ensure the best for the people of the world.

First lets look at the symptoms of ADHD to get a better understanding of how ADHD affects people. Symptoms include daydreaming, impulsive actions, fidgeting, etc. As one can see the symptoms of ADHD are related to either inattention and hyperactivity, this meaning that kids with ADHD are more likely to struggle in school due to this disorder. These symptoms can be outgrown into adulthood, but most people do not lose these symptoms and they continue to live with this disorder throughout their lives. This could be confusing for some people because usually younger kids are more hyperactive and less attentive compared to much older kids. Just because a kid is not as attentive as some other kid does not mean they have ADHD, and the only real way to find out if they do is to get tested for it.

ADHD can be combated with medicine, but the most important way to battle against it is with behavior therapy and parent training. Parents of kids with ADHD must be well prepared to face any challenges that will appear with their child. Since kids with ADHD struggle outside of the home, it is best for the parents to be well equipped with knowledge on what to do if their child has problems outside of the comfort of their home. Of course behavior therapy is up there with importance as well because ADHD’s symptoms are all behavior related. Through behavior therapy kids can learn to strive away from destructive behavior and learn to control their emotions.

In conclusion there are no vaccines are other way to inherently get rid of disorders like ADHD. However there are ways like therapy and training that can help fight the villain that is ADHD. With more awareness of this problem in the future, the future generations will continue to have growth and success if ADHD is combated well.


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