The US hits daily vaccination records but experts say we should still be on guard.

The US has been speeding up vaccinations and have been successful in vaccinating thousands of people. However, according to officials we should not let out guard down. Many people have been ignoring masks and Texas becoming a mask free state. On Wednesday, Texas removed the statewide mask mandate and many officials are afraid that Texas will become an example for other states to follow. Texas governor, Greg Abbot released a statement saying that the government shouldn’t be running our lives. In the statement he also mentioned the great amount of covid vaccinations that his state distributed showing the great amount of trust he has towards the vaccine. However, governors should be taking a better approach by ensuring the safety of their citizens rather than risking it all.

Gathering in Texas after mandate was lifted

To reduce the number of cases, the government should take action by mandating the use of masks and restricting gatherings. Doing so only will save thousands of lives and create a better life for millions of people. Everyone needs to work together and not get too comfortable with this reality. By getting relaxed, everyone is losing their battle to the virus. To fight it, everyone must work together and agree on taking the vaccine, or many more lives will be lost. According to recent studies not many people are actually willing to take the vaccine. A recent study showed that more than 60% of healthcare workers in one city refused to take the vaccine, stirring up a lot of worry for healthcare workers. Many have not yet to face the struggles of getting the virus and have little to no fear of getting it.

Without the mandated mask policy as well as a vaccine requirement, we cannot move on to having a normal society where we were able to meet with friends and stay in a classroom without barriers. If people continue to resist restrictions a full vaccination will only be prolonged and more people will die. Hopefully with the effort of everyone we can slowly make a change back to normal.


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