Cuomo’s Nursing Home Scandal

Governor Andrew Cuomo has been exposed for lowering the real death count in nursing homes. Back in the beginning of the pandemic, elderly people wanted to leave nursing homes as it was getting too dangerous to stay in a confined space with other people that could potentially spread the virus to the whole building. However, Cuomo did not want this sudden number of people leaving nursing homes, so he took matters into a less responsible way. Cuomo tried getting them to stay by stating that the Coronavirus deaths in nursing homes were not as bad, however, he was caught undercounting the deaths. Cuomo thought it would be a good idea to avoid the problems by altering the data to his desire. When he was accused of doing such actions, Cuomo blamed it on the Trump Administration, as said in the New York Times article, “What We Know About Cuomo’s Nursing Home Scandal.”

“In January, an inquiry by New York’s attorney general found that nursing home deaths had been undercounted by several thousand. Mr. Cuomo later acknowledged as much, blaming it on concerns that the Trump administration would use the data as a political weapon”(Gold).

However, the incident got worse once The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal reported data sets of altered death counts back in July, months earlier than Cuomo stated. Just as this scandal was getting worse, Cuomo was faced with a second incident.

“The fallout over the nursing home deaths has coincided with a second scandal for Mr. Cuomo: Two women who previously worked in his administration have accused him of sexual harassment; a third who did not work for the state said he made an unwanted advance at a wedding”(Gold).

As the governor became involved in scandals, Democratic officials in the State Legislature worked to rid him of the emergency powers he was given when the pandemic struck New York. After these scandals and accusations, Cuomo has not made a formal apology. Although he said he regretted his actions, he made it clear that he will not resign as a governor regardless.

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