Black Space Helps Mental Illnesses in the Black Communities

25th of February 2021, Carson Daly interviewed Darius Smith about his Black Space organization. Darius, a Co-Founder of Black Space says that the initial occasion of speaking in front of the crowd at the protests was when he saw a “Blond hair, blue eyed white guy” leading the Black Lives Matter Protest. Looking at this he thought that the black community is present at the protest and should be able to speak for themselves without having others speak out instead of them. At this exact protest, Darius moves his thought into action by speaking his mind in front of the crowd of protestors. From this, the impressed protest organizers asked him to speak in other large street protests as well. Darius says that speaking in these protests are not only helpful in delivering his message out to the world but is also a stress reliever for him to be able to speak his mind freely. While participating in these protests, Darius got to know of the mental health issues in the colored society which is why he decided to come up with Black Space. 

Black Space is an “organization that offers free group therapy sessions for communities of color”. Corey Fells, the other Co-Founder of  Black Space says that the organization first started with Darius’ thought on what his society of black and brown people would most need. He concluded that it would be a great idea to create a space where these people could talk comfortably about their feelings and emotions. Dr. Lia Knox, a behavioral health Consultant, works to help the members of the Black Space. She believes that the society is in need of more affordable mental health programs and support for black and brown people.

Interesting fact about Darius and the organization is that Darius was not only the co-founder of Black space but was also a client. He believed that the best way to show the people that it is okay to open up to the doctor was to show it to them himself. This act was also helpful for him as well. In 2017, Darius went through a stage of depression after the end of relationship with his daughter’s mother. Looking back Darius says that he didn’t know what depression was back then. He says that this organization that he made has been a great resource and help for himself to solve his problems, find out more problems, and constantly to be a better and more happy person. Finally, towards the end of the interview, Carson asks Darius what the rest of the world could do to help them and Darlis what the rest of the world could do to help them and Darlus answers, “I think the first thing you guys could do is just listen…… see humanity in us” 


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