Emotional Health for Nurses

Nurses work tirelessly to make sure that their job to ensure people’s health and safety is done properly. Some may argue that healthcare workers are the most essential workers in the world because their field of work focuses on saving human lives. Of course like all other jobs, nursing comes with a lot of stress and nurses have to deal with this emotional stress while also having to worry about others’ health. This has been a struggle for nurses in the past as the suicide rates of nurses has increased from 2005 to 2016, both male and female nurses alike have seen an increase in suicide rates.

According to the PRC National Engagement report, almost 16% of nurses feel burnt out and this burn out percentage is higher in nurses who have already lost interest in their work. This is alarming because this just adds on to the problems of understaff and overworking of nurses. As stress continues to build in nurses, it may spread negativity and morale will take a massive hit in the hospital. Especially during this terrible pandemic where overworking is common, maintaining high morale is a huge factor in ensuring that the hospital is running well.

These burnouts are caused by a variety of reasons, especially fatigue and feeling under-appreciated. Fatigue has been a huge problem recently due to pandemic. The pandemic has affected millions of people worldwide and nurses are taking the brunt of it. Short-staffing was already a problem in most hospitals, so fatigue was pretty common in most places, but the pandemic has made it so much worse. Feeling under-appreciated falls into a different category of morale. Some would assume that due to under staffed hospitals nurses would feel more appreciated because of the extra workload they take on. Even though this is sort of the case, most nurses who feel burnt out feel under appreciated because they don’t the recognition they deserve. Instead of being awarded with higher wages and the occasional rest day, they are forced to continue working to fill in for all the empty nursing spots in the hospital.

All in all everyone has to realize that nurses are people too. Like the rest of us they feel emotionally lost sometimes due to the pressure that they face every single day on the job. Sure they did sign up for it, but it doesn’t hurt to think of ways to help nurses who are going through a difficult state of emotional health.


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