Healthcare workers are retiring early due to COVID-19

The corona virus pandemic has created lots of stress and tension for people all over the world. However one group of people have taken the biggest hit: health care workers. They had already worked day and night helping whoever they could before the pandemic hit. Now they have to battle problems of short-staffing, overwork, and the crazy influx of new patients daily due to the corona virus.

Probably the biggest reason for this early retirement has to be own safety. Their entire lives these health care workers have looked after everyone but themselves. Now with this fast spreading virus, they have decided to call it quits for the safety of themselves and their families. Too much exposure to the virus could cause serious problems in some nurses and doctors, as many already have preexisting conditions. Others just want a break from this chaos. The pandemic only continues to get worse and the short-staffed hospitals cannot continue at this pace. Nurses and doctors are tending to more people than they are used to. Financial concerns also something for health care workers to consider during this pandemic. A survey conducted by California Medical Association (CMA) found that around 87% of medical workers are worried about their financial security. This is because during the pandemic their revenues are down due, as the costs of equipment and other safety requirements has increased by a whopping 14%. So instead of having less money for retirement later on, health care workers are quitting early to save that kind of money.

This early retirement is the source of many problems for hospitals across the world. Hospitals are already short-staffed as they are, but now this sudden decrease in health care workers causes a frantic search for replacements. This is why travel nurses are so sought out now, because they provide a temporary solution while the hospital looks for a more permanent solution. But hiring travel nurses is not ideal because their salary has increased due to demand and hospitals are using more funds than they were originally.

In conclusion there are many factors that go into the decisions of medical workers who decide to retire early. I don’t think anyone can disagree that financial, safety, and rest are enough reason for health care workers to call it quits. However this early retirement will only create more problems for hospitals and the world if there are less available medical workers to help combat the virus.


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