This Deepfake Tom Cruise Impersonator Grows Massive Attention on Tiktok

AI-synthetic media has gained a large amount of attention for its deceiving appearance. Deepfake technology is a type of coded media that meshes faces to look real on different people. The popularity of this subject resurfaced when a Tiktoker went viral for using technology to look like a celebrity. The tiktoker’s username is @deeptomcruise ( and they used deepfake technology to mesh Tom Cruise’s face onto his as well as a possible voice changer to create tiktoks as if it were the celebrity.

It was quite convincing besides minor flaws. One example is a rendering error in this clip of one of his tiktoks.

As you can see, the face moves awkwardly and when the glasses where being put on, the mask of Tom Cruise’s face stretched over the shades for a split second. Although this account is a harmless joke, the fact that it is not banned shows that Tiktok’s deepfake recognition skills are lacking. According to Tiktok’s Terms of Service (TOS), you are not allowed to impersonate someone else in any many. Such behaviors will lead to getting banned. Even though it is assumed to be obvious that this account is not Tom Cruise by adding “deep” to their username (indicating “deep”fake), it is a little concerning to have Tiktok let this slide to easily, since other accounts that are not so obvious can sabotage whoever they’re impersonating.

Although the deepfake accounts are just for fun and games, it can also lead to serious problems. With the scarily detailed accuracy in meshing the face of any person, its power could easily be taken advantage of. In the past years, deepfake technology was used for bad intentions like creating pornography based on anyone’s face. This makes it extremely scary to even show your own face on the internet since it could be used for disturbing things such as this. People that are well known on social media that use deepfake technology use it foor friendly and fun content like making silly faces and such. However, the growth in popularity for deepfakee technology could easily be a bad idea once others realize the power that they hold to create anything about anyone using just a picture of their face.

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