Santa Clara county begins to loosen restrictions

Covid has been around for over a year now and we are beginning to finally see some change. Over the past few months, the country fought hard to distribute vaccines ultimately saving thousands of lives. Although many counties remain in purple tier we are seeing many improvements. Many predict the state may enter red tier by next week and business owners patiently wait for any updates. Santa Clara also allowed sports in school which hasn’t been permitted over the last year.

After a amazing week and close evaluation, County officials said the new rules will allow for all sports affected by the statewide order to move forward. “We have been fighting COVID in Santa Clara County for over a year. We recognize the toll of the pandemic on everyone’s mental, physical, and spiritual health, and the need to balance the risk of COVID with other human needs,” Cody said in a statement. “Children and adults alike need to participate in the many activities that support their mental, physical, and social wellbeing. We know that the State has made rapid changes to its rules on athletic activities. It is important that changes are consistent across the board. We recognize the importance of all outdoor activities—athletic and non-athletic—to our health and are seeking to allow as much as we can given current levels of community transmission.”

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That means any outdoor sport in the red or orange reopening tiers can begin practice and competition Friday. However everyone should still be alert, the past following times a slight change in the restrictions often created a new record in cases. In December during and after festivities, we saw a dramatic increase in covid cases.

Many people were also seen indoor dining and not following most restrictions after receiving the vaccine. The vaccine offers great protection but most of it is not guaranteed. If more people let their guard down it could mean a spike in cases leading back to a full purple tier lockdown.

Although many residents hope that the “Red Tier” is coming soon, In order to move into the Red Tier, the county’s new daily case numbers would have to decrease significantly. Currently, Santa Clara County has 17.7 new daily cases per 100,000. The state’s criteria for entering the Red Tier is four to seven new daily cases per 100,000. Hopefully the vaccine allows the cases to die down putting a end to the year long virus.


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